Gaming laptops and desktop PCs are two of the most common devices used rapidly around by the tech enthusiasts. Even if you are not a gamer, these devices are preferable for conducting high-end digital operations. When it comes to the comparison of gaming PCs and laptops, the visual appeal factors are quite clear, but a lot of aspects come into consideration. Previously, desktops were remarked as much more powerful than regular laptops. However, now many latest laptops have come up with technology and speed that challenges PCs to an equal or greater level.

Between laptops and desktop PCs for gaming, the need of comparison is very eagerly researched. The differences are quite clear, but one can still get confused about the real-time performance if the specs are same in both machines.

On other hand, it naturally becomes a confusion whether a gaming laptop can surpass gaming desktop PC in every way. The simple answer to that is; in some aspects a gaming laptop device can do better, while in other aspects a gaming desktop PC can be way better. However, if you need to know which one is the clear winner, we have elaborated some precisely debatable points.

1. Portability

Starting with the portability factor it is quite evident that laptops are a win-win for this. You get integrated keyboard, speakers, graphics card, CPU, and battery, all within one device. Whereas, for desktop computers you need separate components to operate gaming environment. From gaming keyboards to high-quality displays and trackpad mouses, a desktop PC needs to be adjoined with a proper setup.

Through a gaming laptop, you get ultimate portability of carrying the device anywhere. Packing it in bags and taking your gameplay anywhere is what is common with laptops. But you can’t do it with gaming desktop computers. Having said that, many users first used to suspect that you don’t really get as much power as you get in desktop computers. However, now as the technology is much more advanced in gaming laptops, you can get the similar amount of power and that too with portable system. This makes it way more easier for gamer to travel anywhere and enjoy sensational gaming session on their laptop.

2. Performance

Here is where comes the tricky part. The performance of the gaming desktop computer and laptops have been quite contradictory since a period. However, now laptops are competing neck to neck with the best-ever gaming desktops as well. You can get to see similar specs array assembled in gaming computers as well as laptops. But what users don’t know is the fact that even the specs are mentioned same for both, there can be difference.

Desktop PCs are powered with higher component specs, whether it is the NVIDIA graphics or the most advanced processor. If a laptop and desktop PC, for example, have same spec as NVIDIA RTX 3050, the one installed in the gaming PC will be much more efficient. This is because you will get more cores, increased bandwidth as well as Tensor units in a gaming desktop PC. As a result, the performance on the gaming computer will come out as much more efficient that that of a regular gaming laptop.

It can be seen that games run much more smoothly on a desktop PC, and you get to see minimum lags on a computer. The processor can take more overclocking speed and it is easier to adjust the framerate settings on your PC. Most of the AAA title games run better on the gaming desktop PC even if you compare the high-end gaming laptops.

3. Cooling and Thermal Effectivity

Another advantage of gaming desktop PCs come with their cooling technology and easier thermal solution. With gaming laptops, it is harder to not get your laptop heated even when there are air vents. As gaming desktop PCs are built with open and clear air vents, plus the main hardware is pretty much spacious, the heating is bare less. Laptops tend to get more heated even with the most modern cooling technologies. For cooling, the best system to get is the gaming desktop PC whether or not it is large in size.

If it comes to the watts, gaming laptops can take up to 200 to 300 watts. In the case of gaming PC, the maximum number of watts that the system can take is more than 500 watts and sometimes even up to 1000 watts. So, if your gaming software requires very high overclocking, resulting in excessive heating, a gaming desktop PC can take that easily.

4. Pricing and Value for money

Discussing about the prices, we noticed there are reasonable ranges for both desktop PCs and laptops. As for the top-notch and expensive models, both can be found in nearing comparison. You can get a powerhouse of a laptop in under 1000 pounds, while you can look out for the same in PC, but it may cost more if you get separate components.

There are multiple examples of where you can still afford a PC reasonably, without having to compromise too much on the money factor. However, a laptop is an easier buying target with everything coming in at hand at once, for a package. Some gaming desktop PCs are available in 1000 pounds, but you might need to compromise over a bit of hardware like a middling mouse, or speakers. Whereas, in the similar price you can get a speaker with equally capable mouse and attached speakers.

5. Hardware Upgrade

One of the easiest accesses that you get in desktop PCs is how you can upgrade each and every component. From processor model to extra RAM and storage additions, you can build your gaming desktop PC to be a beast. While gaming PC allows upgrading its components singularly, gaming laptops need to be replaced entirely even for changing just one spec or a feature except very few specs. For example, you can integrate two graphic cards at the same time in the case of desktop PCS but for laptops, you will need to replace it with a whole new gaming laptop.

Bottom Line

Gaming laptops are definitely comparable to the gaming desktop PCS but at the end of every detail, a gaming PC wins it. You can have a mountainous power in a gaming laptop as well but when it comes to the ultimate performance, you can always go higher and higher with the gaming desktop PC. Mostly in the case of gaming PCs, you can always alter the hardware and make it a better performer than your laptop.


Is gaming desktop PC better than a gaming laptop?

Of course, it is. However, you can get a gaming laptop with similar amount of power as you get in a gaming PC. If your preference is portability, going for a gaming laptop instead would be a cool idea. The gaming PC, on another end can be formidable device for the dead-end performance and speed.

Are gaming laptops cheaper than gaming desktop PCs?

In most cases, a gaming laptop packaged together with the RGB keyboard, stereo speakers and every spec come out as cheaper. While a gaming desktop PC might be expensive as you have to buy the CPU, monitor, keyboard and other accessories separately.